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WAWU! See What Happened To The Kenyan Bishop Caught Pants Down With His Brother-In-Law’s Wife [VIDEO]



Infidelity in the church nowadays had been on the rise such that pastors have also been caught up in the heinous acts.

In Nyeri, Kenya, Timothy Wanyoike a pastor was caught pants down cheating on his wife with his brother in-laws wife. His wife set up a trap for him where they caught him in his brother in-laws house with his wife.

The Bishop played well into the trap and later claimed that he was praying for the woman who has marital issues. The randy bishop claims that he was there to pray for his brother in- law and his wife since they had been having marital issues.

“I just came to give counseling. The wife told me they have been having issues and have had to even skip meals.” The bishop claimed before his wife brother in-law descended on him.

The Bishops wife claims that he had left home without even leaving food for her kids. He managed to escape after police whisked him away in their patrol car. See the video below:

Similarly, in 2014, Kenyan Anglican Pastor Charles Githinji was in hot water, after allegedly getting caught on video with a young woman in his hotel room.

The incident, and many others like it spurred the hashtag #PantsDown in 2014, according to the BBC. In the video, Githinji is seen nervously putting on his clothes while the alleged husband kicks and hits his wife.

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The wife who could not stop laughing and smiling after being caught, made the scene even more awkward when they were told to pose for a photo shoot.

The embarrassed pastor was lost for words and started claiming that he was there to pray and nothing else.

After he is fully dressed — and a photo is taken of the pair — Githinji explains that he was lured to the hotel room by the woman who said she needed urgent prayers because she was sick.

And while the video garnered over 250,000 views when it was uploaded in September 2014, the bigger story seems to be the number of pastor-cheating videos that came up on Kenya’s prime-time news.

Well the true story remains that a number of freelance cameramen reportedly received sizable amounts of money to catch pastors in the act from news networks.

These videos caused #PantsDown to come to life, with more than 2,500 tweets tweeted in just a few days. The idea that cameramen are being handsomely paid by news networks has some speculating that videos such as Githinji’s were staged.

Some even believe that Githinji was targeted by the cameraman, “wife,” and “husband” since the young woman can be seen smiling throughout the videotaping.

Deadbeat Kenya Facebook page creator Jackson Njeru agrees, remarking, “When I watched the video, something was not adding up. The lady was smiling. She was laughing,”

Kenyan BBC journalist Ruth Nesoba also added, “Apparently what is emerging is a clique of freelance cameramen who are going round looking for these kind of stories.”

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Either way, the Anglican Church was reportedly investigated and promised that “stern disciplinary action” will be taken against the pastor if the allegations are proven true. We don’t know if he was eventually punished or not. Watch the news coverage below.

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