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This Picture Of Algeria Protest Will Make You Think Nigerians Are Not Doing Enough



Nigerian youths started a protest against police brutality few days ago. Fortunately, they were later supported by celebrities, politicians, Twitter CEO amongst the others even though they probably haven’t heard the answers they wanted from the Government.

Unbelievably, the protest received recognitions around the world even beyond the thinking of the protesters. No doubt, Nigeria has a massive records of the victims of police brutality and harrassment.

Protest happens in most countries, and it happens because the protesters probably wants a change in the aspect they are not satisfied with. Like Nigerian youths, Algerians also protested to fight for their rights, and If Algeria protest is to be compared with Nigeria protest, one will think Nigerians are not doing enough, see the picture of Algeria protest below, and kindly compare it to Nigeria protest.

What do you think? Do you believe Nigerians are not really doing enough? Kindly share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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