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SHOCKING!! Family Opens Casket Of Man Claimed Died Of Covid-19 And Found This



A Family has been slapped with the most demeaning news ever after they forcefully opened a coffin of their dead relative who doctors say died of coronavirus just to discover that his organs have been harvested in Cameron.

The family who doubted circumstance that led to the death of their member kicked against all odds to find some clues.

It is with this that they found out some part of the deceased’s body was missing.

Residents of the area have joined the family in a serious protest to seek justice for the deceased.

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, the world has lost a lot of things including human beings.

Check some reactions to the story from social media.

Health workers have not been spared in this fight as over 90,000 workers have been infected worldwide.

Although most death recorded is from coronavirus , is this case from Cameroon a wake up call that bad people are actually killing people and staging it.

Lets stay vigilant in these trying times

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