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SHOCKER!! Meet The First Ghanaian Woman With Two Private Parts (Video)



A beautiful and babbling Ghanaian woman identified as Elizabeth Amoaa has shared a mind blowing story of how she is born with two cervixes, two wombs, and two vajayjays.

According to reports, the lady was diagnosed with uterus didelphys in 2015.

This is said to have caused her a lot of pain over the years of which she had no idea.

After she was treated for her ailment, she opened up that she had never heard of such disease in her entire life however the doctor explained it to her.

Throughout Elizabeth’s life , she had complained a lot about stomach pains, back pains, v@ginal thrusts, weird types of menstruation, and many more. She was later diagnosed with Uterine fibroids which meant it will be hard to have a child.

Thankfully, Elizabeth conceived and now has a daughter who lives with her in Walsall, Birmingham.

In other news, A baby died after a feeding tube was incorrectly inserted and pierced his heart, causing him to go into cardiac arrest and suffer brain damage. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital did not realize their error Noah Jesse McGrath, five months, went into cardiac arrest a few days after the tube was inserted. His parents, Victoria Johnston-Millin and Sean McGrath said they felt ignored then they raised concerns about their son’s condition.

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Victoria said: ‘Like many parents, I may not be a medical expert, but I knew when something was seriously wrong with Noah and don’t want to see others dismissed the way I was.’ Zak Golombeck, coroner for an inquest at Manchester Coroner’s Court, found that Noah died following missed opportunities to establish that the central line was incorrectly cited. These included a misinterpretation of the radiology and the inability to aspirate blood from the line, he said.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, apologized and accepted ‘fully the conclusion of the coroner following the outcome of the inquest’. Noah was born with gastroschisis, meaning he had a hole in his abdomen, which was repaired hours after his birth. His family said he recovered well and reached usual milestones with a ‘normal family life, doing the school run to pick up the boys’ and ‘spending time with his brothers’. Victoria noted that although Noah’s condition meant he had spent a lot of time in hospital he was expected to live a normal life.

Watch the video below

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