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See Six Proves That Ozo And Nengi Have Been Together Since The End Of BBNaija (photos)



The beautiful relationship between Ozo and Nengi was born in the Big Brother Naija House. It started from just an admiration to a full blown friendship. Ozo had said that Nengi was his spec in the house and he did everything to pursue a relationship with her. He tried his best but could only get a friendship that was beautiful.

In the Big Brother Naija House, there was just but a slim chance that they could date.

Nengi had said that the reason she would not give in to a relationship with Ozo was because she had a relationship outside. She said she and her boyfriend outside the house broke up but she wants to be sure he had moved on before she too will move on. So Ozo hanged in that glimpse of hope. The more they were closer and doing things together, the more they fall in love with each other. It became very clear the love was mutual when Nengi would cry at any slightest ignore from Ozo.

The two are outside the house and nothing has been heard about the suppose boyfriend of Nengi. Some believe there was actually no boyfriend that she actually wanted to test if the love Ozo has for her was genuine. It’s gone weeks since they left the Big Brother house but they have not snapped even a single picture together. Instead, they choose to play hide and seek. The more they try not to be seen together, fans would come out with proves that they have been together.

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1. The first prove that these two have been together was when they were caught on camera at the front of a mall in Abuja. The two were captured unawares as they were chatting as they gaze at each other.

See the picture below.

2. The second prove is when they attended the same protest together in Abuja. They were in the same protest but in different locations. They probably came together but they don’t want to be seen together. See the pictures of the protest.

3. The third prove is when they were lodged in the same hotel. The pictures they both shared proved that it was the same hotel in Abuja they were lodged in. They were actually posting it not knowing fans would detect its the same hotel. See it below. See the name of the hotel Nengi posted and the pictures Ozo posted. See the seats and the sculpture in the lounge.

4. The fourth prove is the pictures they both took at an event in Abuja. They attended the event with fellow former housemate Neo who is their mutual friend. They took pictures with the people at the event but didn’t take pictures together. See the pictures below.

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5. The fifth prove is the shirt and short Nengi wore to receive the gifts her fans from America sent to her. The short is the pink short Ozo used to wear. It’s a short from his merch. The white shirt is Ozo’s shirt. See the pictures below.

6. The sixth prove is the picture Nengi took with a lady. The background is the same with the picture Ozo took. The same wall Clock and Television. The same room divider. See the pictures below.

With the above proves, you can see that Ozo and Nengi might secretly be dating. They choose to keep everything private because of the negative comments they got while in the house. They are cute together. See some of their memorable moments.

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