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Mum accidentally walks into background of child’s Zoom class totally naked



The stunned teacher had to ask her student to turn off the camera when she noticed a naked woman looking for clothes at the back of the room during the Zoom class

An online class was interrupted when a parent accidentally walked into her child’s room completely naked.

The embarrassing blunder was caught on camera during a Zoom video call in front of other students.

Video posting on Twitter by user “Young Simba” shows a young boy sitting in the corner of a room as he listens to the teacher via the online class.

The child’s mum suddenly walks into frame completely naked as she appears to look for her clothes at the back of the room.

The horrified teacher can be heard calling a student, who is leaning his head back during the class, before she spots the adult.

“Oh my God! Who is that back there naked?!” she shouts. “Turn that camera off!”

The mum seemed to have realised she was on camera and quickly scurries away.

The clip, which has been viewed more than 5.4 millions times, left viewers in stitches as they watched the chaos unfolded.

Many pointed out the boy’s unfazed reaction and one commented: “He’s like ah s*** not again I told you watch out when I’m on Zoom.”

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A second wrote: “First of all what are you looking for in the baby’s room naked?”

But others condemned the mother’s behaviour and said she should not be naked around her young son.

“He is too old for her to be walking around naked!! If that was a little girl with her dad nobody would be laughing,” a viewer stressed.

Another agreed and added: “Nobody should walk around naked in front of their kids. It’s not normal!”