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May God Deliver This Generation”- See What This Under Age Boy Was Caught Doing In Public



Its so sad to see our young children of nowadays showcasing some weird and devilish act. Nowadays young children who haven’t yet clocked 18 now smokes, drinks , join cults, and to worsen it more they now watch pornographic movies.

This they all do just to feel among their peer groups.

As you can see in the picture below the young child standing within the crowd is seriously and patiently gazing at this lady’s center.

Only God Knows What he was imagining at that point in time. But certainly, from the look of things, I would say his thought were wild.

Please and please, I would advice that parents teach good morals to their kids and not only that, they should always watch the kind of friends they keep , cos as the saying goes “Good Friends Corrupt good manners”.

You never know the depth at which your child has gone into the wild side of life, this could be any body’s child and just imagine you are getting to see this pics for the first time. Certainly you would be ashamed except you are not a good father or mother.

Please ensure you share this to your uncles, aunties, family Friends and infact to as many parents, let’s let them know the bad side of not getting to bring up a child in the right way.

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