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Distribution was on-going but was halted due to protests – Lagos State Govt. speaks on looting of CACOVID’s palliatives



The Lagos State Government has condemned the vandalisation of the warehouse at Mazamaza where the state’s COVID-19 food palliatives where kept.

According to a statement released by the government, the palliatives were donated to the state by the Coalition against COVID-19 (CACOVID) group..

Reportedly, the distribution was on-going but had to be halted due to protests, before the invasion of the warehouse on Wednesday.

Distributions were channeled through union groups like Transport Unions, Ethnic Groups, Religious Associations, Artisans and Tradesmen Association, Market men and Women Association, People living with disabilities, Orphanages, and Old Peoples’ Homes among others to get to the downtrodden.

After the loot, the state government expressed regrets and appreciated the support offered by the CACOVID group.

Earlier on Wednesday, in several videos that went viral online, residents were seen looting and carting away several food items from the warehouse.