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After Three Years of Marriage, This is What I Found in My Wife’s Phone— Nigerian Man Cries Out



Few marital problems cause as much heartache and devastation as that of cheating or infidelity, which undermines the foundation of marriage itself. Hardly a marriage can survive when one of the partners discovers that the other partner is cheating on him. The scariest thing about marriages nowadays is the rate at which married people cheat on their partners. In successful marriages, couples understand that there’s a tendency to cheat so they’ll do everything possible to avoid that. Despite the intense emotional pain associated with cheating however, when both spouses are committed to authentic healing, some marriages can survive even when one of the partners discovers the infidelity the other partner.

A Nigerian man identified as Pedro Akindele shares his painful exprience of marriage on Twitter yesterday. Pedro and his wife Amaka were living peacefully for three years but unknown to him, Amaka has another partner and he didn’t discover it until recently.

Pedro stated that his wife has killed him because for all the three years they spent together, he has good expectation about her until recently when he discovered something in her phone which left him devastated. “My wife has killed me, after 3 years of marriage, see the message I found in he phone.” He writes.

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Pedro shares a leaked chat between his wife and another man whom happened to be someone she is having affair with. In the chat, the man is asking her about when she is going to visit him because he is missing her but she told him to be patience because her husband is at home. After he insisted, she promised to visit him any time she gets the chance when the husband is not around. Checkout the full chat below:

There is need for couples to be trustworthy to their partners because whenever cheating is discovered in any marriage, that marriage is at the risk of collapsing.

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