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4 Years After Becoming A Blue Film Actress, See What Maami Igbagbo Has Achieved



Believe it or not, There are millions of naira to be earned in Adult film industry once you make it to the top. It’s a multimillion naira industry! Probably, that’s the reason why many ladies are now venturing into it.

There are many stars in Nigeria’s adult movie industry, however, one lady seems to be the biggest of them all. She goes by the name Elizabeth Ajibola Omotayo Igbagbo, popularly known as Maami Igbagbo.

Maami Igbagbo hails from Ekiti State. She never dreamt of becoming a blue film actress. The death of her mum and difficulty in taking care of her siblings forced her into the industry. Today, she’s reaping the fruits of her hardwork.

A young Ajibola Elizabeth started as an auxiliary nurse before ending the career because of too much responsibilities.

( Throwback photo of Maami Igbagbo before she became a blue film actress)

Maami Igbagbo was pressured by wealthy people in the society to sleep with them for money. As fate will have it, she met Kingtblakhoc in 2016.

With the guidance of Kingtblakhoc, she learnt all she needed to become a Blue film star. She later dumped Kingtblack to set-up her own Adult film company.

Today, Maami Igbagbo releases at least a video almost every week with different kinds of men. She now lives in a luxurious apartment in Lekki, Lagos.

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In April 2020, She allegedly bought a brand new BMW from her adult movie shooting earnings. See the pictures of the car below:

Without a doubt, Maami Igbagbo is enjoying her life. She features different men in her videos and makes steady money from it.

Today, Maami Igbagbo is wealthy, drives a car and now a force to be reckon with in the Adult film industry.

Dear reader, what do you think?

Are jealous of are car, good clothes and dollars?

If you have the opportunity to give Maami Igbagbo advise right now, what would you say to her

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