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Self-acclaimed river goddess kneels to accept marriage proposal, explains why



While it is the norm to see men (and even some women) go on their knees to propose to their partners, it isn’t everyday one sees a woman go on both kneels to accept a proposal.

A Nigerian lady identified as Adaeze Gift Okolie recently got many people talking after she knelt down to accept a proposal.

Okolie who is a traditionalist and often refers to herself as a river goddess has explained why.

“You’re my king, that’s why I knelt for you to crown me your queen. So deep spiritually, I pray others will learn.”

Taking to her Facebook page to announce the good news, an excited Okolie described getting engaged as reaching the ‘semi finals’ and showered her man with accolades for choosing her above other ladies..

According to Okolie, her boyfriend is her king and this is the reason she knelt down for him to ‘crown her as his queen’. In the lengthy caption, she expressed that it was spiritual and she hoped others learn from her gesture.

She wrote:

“I have finally made it to ‘SEMI FINALS ‘Hmm am still in shocked because I never believed it.Chai am getting married to my best friend..don’t see me as a stupid person because I knelt down to accept his ring..he deserves it..After all the ups and down. After all the gossips and discourages..he still stands by his words..chai you’re indeed a MAN. your type are rare.

You’re my KING..that’s why I knelt for you to crown me your queen (So deep spiritually, I pray others will learn) You overlooked all my imperfections..and still choose to be with me..IF I NO ACCEPT YOUR RING WETIN I GAIN. I bless JUNE 24th 2018..the day I accepted your friend request here on Facebook.. Facebook I thank you. .and I won’t stop being grateful. Infact let me end the story here for the next party.

It’s not easy..after seeing plenty VAGINA you decides to follow mine..I won’t let you loyalty goes to you and I will worship you as my LORD. Congrats to me. May all the singlars become plural before ending of this year isee. (May you see ur own happiness ) My dear you that is reading this and smiling..YOU ARE NEXT. IT MUST END IN PRAISE. I thank my Chi and those who helped him to give me this memorable suprise..May God shock una with goodnews..I swear I didn’t expect it. May happiness never depart from us ISEE.”

The post which has since gone viral online had several people sharing their thoughts on the matter and as it appears, not everyone approved of her kneeling to accept a marriage proposal from a man.

loveblog9ja wrote:

“This is one of those ladies that make men feel they are doing a lady a favour by marrying her… madam that man needs you in his life thats why he proposed.. dont think you dont deserve him, or his love or hos ring…”


“E remain make this girl start to pay tithes to d guy.. see plenty accolades. “Lord and Master”.. unto wetin naaaa.. haba!”


“Which one is ‘I made it to semi-finals’ again???”


“Doesn’t even make sense to me”


“However it happens doesn’t really matter, the most important thing is there’s love, understanding and respect. Pete Edochie will surely be satisfied.”


“I will worship you as my lord shock me pass. O deep”


“Na only marriage full this aunty head no space for any other thing.. he must not break your heart o, na your type dey drink sniper.”


“Well truth be told , I won’t feel good with my daughters doing all these just for a ring, you both need each other! Congrats”

It comes as no surprise that Okolie has chosen to ‘worship’ her man due to the proposal.

Only some months ago, Okolie who is a traditionalist trended online for doing a Bible giveaway for her friends and followers on the platform

In a video, she explained that the Bible used to be hers back when she still practised Christianity. Okolie who also goes by the name Adaeze Ijemmili stated that she no longer believes in the ‘lie’.

Adaeze, who described herself as a river goddess and an antichrist, revealed that she thought of burning the holy book but didn’t out of respect for people who still believe in it.

Is it bad for a woman to propose to a man?

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