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Wow! Doctor Who Helped Deliver A Baby Girl 25 Years Ago Also Helps To Deliver The Girl’s Baby (Photos)



A medical doctor who helped to deliver a baby girl some 25 years ago has again been involved in helping the deliver that girl’s baby.

Lauren Cortez, a woman who recently gave birth to a baby revealed that the doctor who helped to deliver her baby is the same doctor who helped her mum to give birth to her 25 years ago.

Lauren Cortez recently welcomed a son with her husband.

When she went to the hospital to give birth, the doctor on duty, who helped her deliver her baby, turned out to be the same doctor on duty who helped her mother to birth her.

Lauren shared photos of the doctor carrying her on the day she was born 25 years ago and another photo of the same doctor carrying her son after he was born days ago.

She wrote: “25 years later, the doctor who delivered me also delivered our son!!”