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HELP! “I Am Ready To Marry Her But I Discovered That She Has Two Kids From Two Men”



According to a reader:

I’m in a relationship with a lady I love so much, she’s so loving, caring and kind to me and after some months I asked her (Can you marry me?) She replied yes and she asked are you sure you can marry me? I replied YEs..

After Two weeks time she came to my house sadly, I asked what’s wrong with her? She asked me again’ are you sure you can marry me and I replied YES and YES, she said OK!

She opened up to me after some months, that she have “Tow kids from Two different men”…. I felt so bad,speechless and confuse for a while, I just closed the conversation that day but till now I’m still confuse because I loved her before she opened up to me.

Please I need your advice what to do because I’m confuse and scared right now.

I appreciate all comments

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