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I’ll Encourage My Daughter To Be A ‘Better Prostitute’ – Ghanaian Artiste Manger, Bulldog says (VIDEO)



Ghanaian Artiste manager, Nana Asiamah has made a shocking revelation about how he would react if his daughter comes to him to say she wants to become a prostitute.

Nana who is popular known as ‘Bulldog’, said this on Okay FM’s ”Best Entertainment” with Halifax Ansah Addo..

In his words ;

”If my daughter is 18 [years] and she comes to me and says ‘daddy, I want to be a prostitute’, I will not discourage her from being a prostitute. I would encourage her to be a better prostitute…If my son comes to tell me that he wants to engage in thievery, I will advise him to be the best thief.”