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How To Identify Your Soul Mate In Your Relationship



The point here is to give you a few lead signs to identify who may BE POSSIBLY destined to be your life partner.

No matter how much of an angel anyone claims to be, you get to realize that nobody is perfect.

Everyone deserves to live a happy life. We all want to be happy and settle down with someone who will make us happy for ever, even if it sounds like a fairy tale. We still all search for Prince Charming or our Cinderella.If you can accept that no one is perfect in your search for a soul mate, then you will realize that though you are not looking for an angel, you are looking for someone who can make you happy for as long as humanly possible.

The search for a soul mate works differently for everyone: some get to find theirs quite early in life; some never find one and make do with whatever they can get; and some find theirs late in life. But is anytime truly late? Do we say God sends our soul mates to us at the right time? Will we or can we be patient enough to wait?

Is a soul mate meant to be handsome? Beautiful? Rich? Well placed in life? It’s hard to say, but the point here is to give you a few lead signs to identify who may BE POSSIBLY destined to be your life partner. This does not mean we have to overlook attitudes like respect, trust, human relations, self-confidence etc. that maintain the love between two adults.

Below are a few things to guide and help you understand what to look out for in your search.

You have changed for the better.

The people who we are affected by the most are the ones who have changed us just by their presence in our lives, overhauling everything we thought we knew and wanted. They influence us positively and are a good addition to our lives.

They are like a family member to you even before settling down

This sounds strange, but my hubby already felt like my brother to me , even before marriage. It is an instinct that kicks on after meeting your soul mate.So when you meet your soul mate it already feels like he/she has been a part of you for a long time.

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Your worst self has come out with them, and to only them, they know you inside out

This may sound odd, but it is true. Your soul mate sees the best and even the WORST part of you and stays even after seeing the worst. The truest soul mates are a direct reflection of yourself; they see what has healed and what has not healed. EVERYTHING is visible to them.

It feels as if you’ve known each other before.

This comes with instinct as well. When you talk to each other, it feels as though you have been friends for ages, you hide nothing from each other.

You met while you were young, and reunited when you get older

Be it in actual years or just spiritual and mental maturity.

You recognize something when you look in his/her eyes and it’s basically indefinable as you don’t see it in anybody else.

You feel what he/she feels, even if you aren’t naturally empathetic & It’s more than just a feeling.

You know when something’s not right, physically or otherwise. You can sense what she/she is thinking and feeling without them even indicating anything to you. Meeting them makes you realize that romantic love — especially between soul mates — is much more than just a fleeting, physical feeling. It’s really more of an inner, gut knowing that permeates your whole relationship, even when (and maybe especially when) you’re apart.

Your soul mate is your home

You realize that ‘home’ is the person or place you always want to return to, and he/she is it for you. You always feel at peace with him/her , even after all the fights.Once all is well there is calm that sweeps over you like syrup.

You’re best friends

There’s a myth that romantic partners can’t be close friends.

However, in truth, a strong friendship is a foundation for a lasting romance. When you meet your soul mate, you also meet your best friend!

It is still important to have friendships outside of your relationship. This simply means you just easily ‘get’ each other on a deeper level than you usually experience; you share a sense of humor, and you quickly become each other’s number one source of support.

There’s mutual respect

Relationships often fall apart when the two people try to change each other. In contrast, soul mates respect each other on a fundamental level. Plus, this respect is based on really knowing each other (flaws and all).

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So if you find yourself really accepting someone in spite of his/her quirks and neuroses, and you feel that acceptance directed back at you unconditionally, this may be a soul mate connection.

You have the same vision of the future

This is one of the most significant signs that you’ve found your soul mate because it’s not only an indication of a deep connection but also one of the most reliable predictors of a happy partnership.

If you don’t share key values, imagine your future in the same way and want the same sorts of things out of life, resentment grows and begins to sour the relationship. So, when you meet someone who actually sees his/her life unfolding in the same way you imagine your own, you’ve struck gold!

You challenge each other

Your ideal partner will not only admire you for all you’ve done but open your eyes to all you could do. This can be challenging because it will mean that the two of you are often encouraging each other to move out of your comfort zones.

Your Happiness Is Waiting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

However, the unique combination of challenge and support provided by a soul mate is a major catalyst for personal development and growth. And, in the future, you’re sure to be grateful to each other for all the encouragement and gentle prodding administered over the years!

You fight for the relationship

No relationship is without conflict, even when soul mates get together. There will always be obstacles and bumps on the road. But whether you’re trying to cope with family difficulties, financial worries, illness, career uncertainty or parenting issues, a couple who are meant to be together will keep fighting for the relationship.

Crucially, you’ll find ways to fight together in order to make things better, because you’ll both want the relationship to survive more than you’ll want to defend your own egos.

This, in itself, is not easy to accomplish and can wear you out if the fighting is constant, but with true love and openness with each other you will conquer. I wish you all the best.

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