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University Student Dragged Out of Class By Parents of Lady He Impregnated (Video)



A university student has been disgraced after he was dragged out of class by parents of girl he impregnated.

Ghana student dragged out of class by parents of student he impregnated

A University of Ghana student has been shamed after parents of a girl he impregnated dragged him out of class.

Eyewitnesses revealed that a chaotic scene ensued after the parents and relatives of the pregnant girl stormed the NNB Lecture hall where the unidentified student was having a lecture, and dragged him out.

The aftermath of the incident is still not known, but here is the video below as shared by LIB.

This is coming after two lecturers of same university were exposed in the #sexforgrades documentary recently aired by BBC.

Watch video below:

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