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6 Reasons Why You’re Enduring Your Relationship Even Though It Is So Toxic



There are certain reasons why people endure very toxic relationships. These are some of those reasons.

Relationships are interesting and fun when they are smooth. It is very blissful when your partner is also your friend. However, it is very baffling when the relationship is toxic and people still stay in such relationship.No one wants a relationship that is sad and traumatising, however, people do not leave such relationship until it is late. Below are some reasons why people tend t0 stay longer in toxic relationships.


The number 1 reason people stay in abusive relationships is because of fear, the fear of starting over. People dedicate a lot of time building their relationships.

Getting to know people is often an herculean task, trying to understand them, what they stand for and the things they enjoy doing. All of the above happen in relationships.

When relationships come to an end, it means starting the whole process with someone new, this is what most people want to avoid and what keeps them for a longer period in abusive relationships.

Viewing toxic as normal

Most people are used to being abused and cannot tell when they are in abusive relationships. This is because they have normalised abuse and they see nothing wrong with it.

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Hence, no matter how hard you try to fight for them or explain to them that things are not normal in their relationships, they simply cannot understand it.


At times, it is hard to believe someone you love can change towards you and be abusive. You keep making excuses for them, sincerely hoping they change and denying they are truly abusive.

Because of this denial, you tend to forgive them every time they apologise and the sad thing is, they keep hurting you over and over again. They find it difficult to accept that no true love requires pain and disappointments.

Emotionally manipulated

Most people are stuck in an abusive relationship because they have been manipulated by their partners and they think they are to be blamed for their partners’ misdemeanor. This type of behavior is known as gaslighting.

They might also believe their partner’s behavior is due to tough times or feel as though they can change their partner if they are a better partner themselves.


Often, when there is a child or children involved in a toxic relationship, it becomes difficult to leave. There will always be a consideration for effects the separation might likely have on the children. However, the truth is, the children get to suffer more when they stay in a toxic environment, an environment with no love.

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It affects the emotional and psychological development of the children, the environment will make them see abnormal as normal and normal as abnormal.

Financial dependency

When one person is financially dependent on another in a relationship, the dependent partner finds it difficult to leave when the relationship gets toxic and abusive. Financial dependency makes victims persevere abuse out of fear of losing financial support.

However, no amount of financial aid is enough to lose your mind over.


Source: TheGuardian

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