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What Cristiano Ronaldo said when asked to retire at the same time as Lionel Messi (Video)



Cristiano Ronaldo wants to keep playing at the highest level for the next three years and has no retirement plans as yet.

The forward told Portuguese radio station TV1 last week that he could play into his 40s but also said: “Maybe I can leave my career next year.”The Juventus talisman sat next to longtime sporting rival Lionel Messi on Thursday for the 2019/20 Champions League draw.

The pair, who were both nominated for the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, were interviewed prior to Virgil van Dijk taking home the prize.

In the interest of football romanticism, Ronaldo was asked whether he and Messi could retire at the same time.

“He’s two years younger than me,” the 34-year-old replied.

“I think I look good for my age! I hope to be here next year, and in two years and three years.

“So, the people who don’t like me, they’re going to see me here.”

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s mission statement suggests he will continue to play for a Champions League club for the next few years