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Premier League given strong warning over use of VAR



FIFA’s lawmaking body, The International FA Board (IFAB), has warned the Premier League and other competitions, to all follow the same rules on the involvement of video review (VAR) technology, the Daily Mail reports.

The move comes after concern that the Premier League and Bundesliga in particular, were applying different interpretations over the use of VAR, other than the ones handed out by IFAB.
“Each competition must respect the laws of the game and any of The IFAB’s published/communicated guidelines and/or clarifications,” a spokesperson for IFAB said.

On Wednesday, IFAB issued a circular on the recent changes in laws, including the issue of the use of VAR in the taking of penalty kicks.

The Premier League and Bundesliga have opted to leave the decision over whether a goalkeeper had moved off the line to onfield officials, with VAR only intervening if there is a clear mistake by the officials.

But IFAB have insisted that VAR “must check for any offence by the goalkeeper (and/or the kicker) and the VAR must inform the referee if there is clear replay evidence.”

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