‘How I Lost Two Of My Teeth To A Goat’ – Actress Jackie Appiah

Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has opened up on how she lost her teeth to a goat.

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has opened up in a recent BBC pidgin interview how she lost her teeth to a goat.

Narrating the experience, the actress said:
”When I was young, I think about 5 .
I was brought in from Canada to Ghana. Then, I saw a goat tied onto a tree, I didn’t understand why they would tie a goat down.
So, I picked up stones and started throwing at the goats. At a point, the goat got angry, got itself off the rope and chased me. I tried to run away.

Just as I was about go open the door to get into the house, it hit me.
I feel and lost two of my lower teeth,” she recalled.

When asked the character, she would love to play in movies, the divorced mother of one who said she can speak over 5 languages including Igbo and Yoruba stated that she still looks forward to playing a Gangster role.
I still look forward to playing that Gangster role..like Charlie Charlie, how far..”Speaking on her love for travel and adventure, Jackie said “I love to travel a lot. I love beautiful places. So far, I have traveled to over 100 countries. And had different adventures.
Zip lining was the highest risk I have taken during adventure. The video went viral. I cried.”
On what inspires her and what people love and admire about her body.

She said:
“My son and my mum inspires. I also get inspirations from traffic. I see people see a lot of people hawking in traffic and I wish I could do the same.On what people love and admire about my body, I think my smile and eyes.The way I roll my eyes and my charming smile get people attracted to me.”

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