Serious Drama As Boyfriend Publicly Rejects Girlfriend’s Proposal In Warri (Video)

A girlfriend has been left thoroughly embarrassed after her proposal to her boyfriend went terribly wrong in Warri.
The man rejecetd her proposal
A video has emerged on social media showing the moment a Nigerian woman was left embarrassed after she proposed to her boyfriend.

Trouble started when she proposed and the boyfriend refused to accept the proposal. Not wanting ‘no’ for an answer, the lady is seen in the video holding on to the man and screaming for him to accept her.

The incident which happened in a very public place at a junction in Warri, Delta state, attracted many people and left the observers stunned.

The exact day in which the incident happened remains elusive but social media users have found the video quite amusing with some asking why the girl would go to that extent to keep her man to herself.

Watch the video below:

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