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Man Kills Girlfriend By Running Her Over With A Car (Photos)



An angry man has allegedly killed is own girlfriend by running his car over her body while threatening his in-laws.
A Brazilian man is being charged with the murder of his girlfriend after he allegedly drove his SUV over the her body after telling his brother-in-law ‘this is the last time you’ll see’ her, according to Dailymail .

Thiago Belastorre, 29, was arrested at the scene of the crime after witnesses told cops the jealous man pressed the accelerator and ran over Carla Sampaio Tanan, 36, outside his sister’s home in the west central Brazilian city of Campo Verde early Monday morning.

Belastorre, who was charged with femicide, tried to get bystanders to assist him in lifting the truck to save the woman but by then it was too late.

The couple, who had been dating since 2017, according to Brazilian newspaper O Globo, got into a heated argument because Belastorre was upset Sampaio Tanan was dancing during a celebration of his four-year-old nephew’s birthday.

Before leaving the party Belastorre told his brother-in-law, his sister’s husband, that ‘this is the last time you’ll see Carla,’ lead investigator Anezio Rosa de Andrade revealed to G1.

Belastorre’s brother-in-law thought he was referring to ending the relationship with his Sampaio Tanan.

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Sampaio Tanan would subsequently lose her life following an argument over Belastorre’s wishes to return to the site of a previous party they had attended earlier in the evening because he had left something behind.

Witnesses told cops that Belastorre got inside the truck and and then kicked his girlfriend out of it before he tried to leave his sister’s home.

But Sampaio Tanan stood in front of the vehicle to block his path and he suddenly barreled over his partner, it is claimed.

Belastorre told cops that Sampaio Tanan jumped in front of the vehicle when he tried to leave.

Andrade said Belastorre didn’t attempt to flee the scene and that he didn’t offer any regrets over his girlfriend’s shocking death while he was interrogated.

‘In the deposition, he even forced a cry, but we saw that it was not sincere,’ Andrade said.

‘By the way the vehicle was [parked], the chances of an accident are ruled out and he did not see the victim.’

Belastorre is currently being held at the Caarapó Penitentiary.

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