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Man Caught On CCTV Stealing Dell Laptops Inside Computer Village, Lagos (Video)



A man has been caught on camera stealing some Dell laptops inside the popular Computer Village in Lagos city.
A ‘thief’ has been captured on camera stealing some laptops at the popular Computer Village in the city of Lagos.

The owner of the shop Franklin Okere shared photos and videos of the man after he walked into the store and stole the laptops. The shop owner went on to appeal to social media users to help in identifying the culprit and bringing him to book.

According to Franklin, the yet to be identified ‘thief’ walked into his store, made inquiries and then walked out with another man’s bag which contained the laptops. He did all these subtly, thinking no one was watching. But he was captured on camera.

Franklin has called out to well meaning people to help in identifying the ‘thief’.

Watch the videos shared by Franklin below:

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