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Illbliss Narrates Battle With Childlessness Over The Years



Rapper Illbliss revealed how he felt over the years, pushing through an intense situation of childlessness with his mother wife until 2017 when they finally welcomed their first child.According to the rapper, he and his wife were clueless about what to do regarding their search for the fruit of the womb while battling with the search for breakthrough.

He disclosed that it was an intense period for them, adding that when their prayers for a child eventually came through, it was at a time when they had completely run out of options about what to do.

In an excerpt from the interview, he said: “It was intense my wife and I were childless for eight years and God just did it for us and gave us a baby at a point when we didn’t even know what to do next. We didn’t know how it was going to happen, we didn’t know what the problem was, we were just optimistic and prayerful about it,”