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Elderly Man apprehended for stealing pants, bras in Lagos



Some residents of Ikeja area of Lagos State, on Thursday , apprehended a man for allegedly stealing bras and pants from where they were spread .It was learnt that some residents, who saw the man while allegedly collecting the underwear , accosted him and demanded to know the content of the bag he was carrying .

He was said to have threatened to deal with the people for insulting him , but unmoved by his threat , some youths forced the man to open the bag .

An eyewitness, Bayo Ojo , said when the man finally opened the bag , bras , pants and other clothing items were found in it .

According to him , the crowd asked the man what he wanted to do with the items , but he kept mute .

Ojo stated that before the crowd could descend on the man , policemen came and took him away .

He said , “ We were upstairs and all of a sudden , one of us , Tunde, saw a man picking up bras , pants and some clothes that were spread outside .

“ When he was done , he looked in different directions to ensure that nobody saw him . As he began walking away with those items , we came down and alerted other residents, who stopped him .

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“ Rather than being remorseful , the man began threatening that he would deal with us for insulting him .

“ When the people asked him to open the bag he was carrying , he bragged that he was going to beat them up . But when the people forced him to open the bag , they were surprised to see bras , pants and clothes in the bag . ”

Two days earlier , two young men had been nabbed in Lagos for picking up female underwear from where they were spread .
When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer , Chike Oti , said the incident had not been reported to the police .

He said , “ Nothing like that was reported at our end . I called all the divisions in the Area ‘ F ’; I even called the commander , who also called the divisional police officers one by one , and they said the incident of bras and pants theft by a man had not been reported to them .

“ Even if it happened , the people did not report to us . ”