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Missing General: Army finds corpse in abandoned well



After several weeks of conjectures, the Nigerian Army , on Wednesday , claimed that it had found the corpse of its former Chief of Administration , Maj . Gen . Mohammed Idris Alkali ( retd . ) , who was said to have disappeared in controversial circumstances .
The corpse was said to have been found by the army ’ s search and rescue operation in an abandoned well in a bush at Guchwet village , Shen District , Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The remains of the officer , which were kept inside a body -bag , was shown to journalists under strict directives that they should not take any photographs .

A military parade was carried out at the well site in honour of the deceased and taken inside the Army ambulance.

Alkali , who was said to have disappeared under questionable circumstances , reportedly retired a few weeks before he was declared missing on Monday , September 3 , 2018 , a day after gunmen swooped on Dura – Du and killed about 13 persons .

About three cars were said to have been recovered from a mining pond in Dura –Du District during a cordon and search operation conducted by a team of soldiers led by the Garrison Commander of 3 Armoured Division , Rukuba Barracks in Jos , Brig . Gen . Umar Mohammed .
Last week , the GOC , 3 Armoured Division in Rukuba Barracks , Maj . Gen . Benson Akinroluyo , claimed that the Army had uncovered a shallow grave where suspected hoodlums had initially buried the corpse of Alkali , which was allegedly exhumed and reburied somewhere .

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The shallow grave , the NA said , was in ‘ No Man ’ s Land ’ , and had been identified by four different suspects at different times of arrest .

Mohammed told journalists on Wednesday that one of the suspects who participated in the relocation of the corpse was declared wanted and voluntarily submitted himself to the police after he allegedly led the joint team of the army and police on Tuesday to the site of the well .

He said , “ You know General Idris Alkali was declared missing on September 3 , 2018 . Since then , the Nigerian Army gave us three tasks: One was for us to find General Alkali dead or alive; two , to find his vehicle which was a Toyota Corolla , and number three , if anything happened to him , to find those who are responsible for anything that happened to him so that they can be prosecuted. ”

“ On September 29 , 2018 , we recovered his vehicle and his personal effects were seen . Also , a shallow grave in which General Alkali was initially buried was discovered . ”

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