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Nnamdi kanu’s speech on Israel tv a wise way of telling the Israel nation that igbos are their brothers and need their support



Its a very big shame that people carry empty skulls all over the place! So petty minded to be distracted by Kanus religious belief..Is Biafra going to be a monoreligious society? Hell NO ofcourse!Even the Jews in Israel dont practice one religion..There are Jewish Muslims, Jewish Christians, and Jews who practice Judaism…

Yet it is a Jewish State!

Jews in Israel who practise Islam are like Igbos who practice Islam.

Jews in Israel who practice Christianity are like Igbos who practice Christianity..

Jews who practice Judaism are like Igbos who practice our African Tradional Religion ,although corrupted!Did you not see othordox Jews sacrificing live fowl exactly the same way a grandpa would in our villages?

The same people who make noise about going back to our culture and tradition are still the same people who frown at Judaism..

Go and look for a whiteman called George Thomas Basten who came to Igbo Land in 1900 to convert “pegans” and the shock of his life!!

All these market women gossips was the reason why they enslaved us in our own homeland in the first place, because most times we are stupid enough to sJerusalem energies on nonsense and things that have no meaning!

Very pathetic!

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Christianity is the Europeanized version of JUDAISM. Jesus Christ was a Jew. His father Joseph a Jew. His mother Virgin Mary a Jew. They all attended synagogues and the Temple in Jerusalem not any Church.

It’s either that most Christians don’t read the Bible or they don’t understand it. Listen to what Jesus Christ said to the Samarian woman in the New Testament book of John 4: 22

“You Samaritans worship what you do not know, we [Jews] worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews”. (John 4:22 New International Version)

Yes Jesus Christ said it, salvation is from the Jews and Nnamdi Kanu is a Jew. This quote is from Jesus Christ himself. If salvation is from the Jews according to Jesus Christ, why would mere reprobates from black Africa on Facebook have issues with Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB doing what Jesus said should be done?

Christian Europe never helped Biafra but now the Jewish State of ISREAL is showing signs of helping IPOB poorly educated morons without even the benefit of the most rudimentary knowledge of Biblical edicts are yapping their usual rubbish online. Biafra like ISREAL will be a nation of all faiths. All religions will be welcome but the overarching faith will be Biafra Tradition Religion based on adoration of the one true God the Creator Chukwu Okike Abiama which is Africanized Judaism if you don’t know.

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Reason before you talk