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Trump’s tweets have added $10 to oil prices, Iran’s OPEC boss says



U . S . President Donald Trump , who recently called on OPEC producers to help reduce oil prices , has raised prices through his tweets , Iranian OPEC Governor Hossein Ardebili was quoted as saying by news agency SHANA on Thursday .
“Your tweets have increased the prices by at least $ 10 . Please stop this method , ” the oil ministry news agency quoted Kazempour Ardebili as saying .

Kazempour Ardebili said Trump was trying to intensify tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia and he called on the United States to join world powers in a meeting with Iran in Vienna on Friday.

Foreign ministers from the five remaining signatories of a nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers will meet Iranian officials in Vienna to discuss how to keep the accord alive after the U . S . withdrawal from the pact.

( Reuters / NAN )