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Sweden vs England: Ibrahimovic, Beckham make friendly bet



Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Beckham have agreed on the terms of a friendly wager ahead of the England v Sweden World Cup quarter -final on Saturday .Ibrahimovic , Sweden ’ s all – time top scorer with 62 goals , has been vocal in support of his homeland from his vantage point with his Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy — former England captain Beckham ’ s onetime MLS club .

Ibrahim took to Twitter to challenge Beckham on the eve of the showdown in Samara , Russia .

“ Yo @ davidbeckham if @ england wins I buy you dinner where ever you want in the world , but if @ swemnt wins you buy me what ever I want from @ ikeasverige ok ?” Ibrahimovic wrote .

Beckham responded via Instagram : “@ iamzlatanibrahimovic if @ swemnt win I will personally take you to @ ikeasverige and buy you what ever you need for the new mansion in LA @ lagalaxy , but when @ england win I want you to come watch an @ england game at Wembley wearing an England shirt and enjoy fish & chips at half time …”