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I’m confident Kim Jong Un will honour our contract – Donald Trump



United States President , Donald Trump , has expressed optimism that North Korean leader , Kim Jong Un , will honour the contract they both signed and , even more importantly , their handshake .
Trump noted that he and Kim Jong Un had agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea , while at the same time expressing concerns that China might be exerting negative pressure on the deal because of America ’ s posture on Chinese trade .

Trump expressed this via a tweet on his verified Twitter handle , @ realDonaldTrump , on Monday .

Trump had tweeted :

U. S . Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo , had visited Pyongyang to get Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear weapons . However , he left with a harsh reminder that the North Korean leader expects something in return.

While President Donald Trump ’ s pointman for nuclear talks summed up his 27 hours in the North Korean capital as “ productive , ” the regime called the visit “ regretful . ”

No sooner had Pompeo left when Kim ’ s media published a statement saying the United States ’ “ unilateral and gangster – like demand for denuclearization ” risked upending ties less than a month after Trump and Kim shook hands in Singapore.

“ The U. S . side never mentioned the issue of establishing a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, which is essential for defusing tension and preventing a war, ” an unidentified foreign ministry spokesman said .