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OMG: Hisbah Police Arrest Young Men For Celebrating Sallah Holiday With Their Girlfriends (Photos)



Some young unmarried men have been reportedly arrested by the Hisbah police in a Zamfara community for celebrating the Sallah holiday with their girlfriends.

Some Hisbah Police officers who act as Islamic police agents in the different Sharia states, have caused some drama in a community in Zamfara state.

The reportedly ensued after the Hisbah police went on rampage, arrested unmarried young men who were caught celebrating the Sallah holiday in company of their girlfriends.

Also arrested were men who were caught drinking alcohol. All these persons were whisked away to serve various punishments.

It is common knowledge that any form of immorality or drunkenness is prohibited in Shariah states and the Hisbah police are charged with handling the offenders.

See more photos below: