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Ugandan politician fighting for life after consuming poisoned pork served by voter



An Ugandan politician, Geoffrey Dhamuzungu, has been hospitalized after he consumed poisoned pork offered to him by a voter from his constituency.

The Budiope Member of Parliament in Uganda was admitted at Case clinic where he is receiving treatment.

 According to his Personal Assistant (PA), Geoffrey Dhamuzungu had been invited by the voter for an evening pork treat at a bar, the Nicodemus bar when he almost met his untimely death.

The unfortunate turn of events occurred when the legislature went out on Monday, April 23, with a group of friends and eventually ended up at the bar.

He is reported to be recuperating well and even changed wards so he could be closely monitored. It is not yet clear what motives the voter had for serving the delicacy with poison.

A statement from the legislator’s handlers read:

“Thanks members for your prayers, Geoffrey Dhamuzungu is out of danger after admission at Case clinic on Monday confirmed poisoned but currently improving and shifted to another ward for close monitoring awaiting test results.

PA Dhamuzungu kla office.”

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