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Sisters with permanently ‘windswept’ legs get remarkable transformation



Two sisters with permanently ‘windswept’ legs, caused by malnutrition, have made remarkable transformation after they had surgery to fix the rare condition.

Salamatou, eight, and Mariama, six, from Mount Manengouba in Cameroon, developed ‘windswept’ limbs due to a condition known as valgus, also known as knock knees, which can occur as a result of malnutrition.

According to a report by DailyMailUK monitored by, a lack of nutrients during bone development caused their knees to knock together while they walked, which resulted in them rarely attending school due to them being unable to manage the journey.

After hearing about a hospital ship, run by a charity, docking many miles away, the girls and their parents made the grueling journey over rocky terrain from their mountain village to the harbour.

Sisters with permanently 'windswept' legs lailasnews

Salamatou, eight, and Mariama, six, travelled a 100 miles on horseback to have surgery to fix the rare condition that caused their legs to become severely twisted.

The girls, who were walking just one day after their surgeries, were so amazed by the results Mariama did not believe the legs she was seeing could possibly be her own.

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