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The fearless biafra journalist who dragged N/army and south east governors to ICC receives response from the court



Meet the Biafran journalist that prompted the response from the International Criminal Court (ICC) where Buhari, Buratai, Nnia Nwodo, Okezie Ikpeazu and Dave Umahi will end up soon to answer for their crimes against humanity. 
He is CNN’s Ahaoma Kanu a Biafran journalist, who 5 months ago petitioned the ICC in the aftermath of the illegal Fulani herdsmen invasion of Igboland camouflaged in Nigerian Army uniform they cleverly tagged Operation Python Dance II in Abia State.
With unfolding events in Nigeria today, it has become very clear that Nnia Nwodo and South East governors were in collusion with Fulani herdsmen to use the cover of Nigerian Army to invade the heart of Biafraland, the same way Danjuma rightly pointed out Fulani herdsmen are using the army today to spread Fulani terror throughout the Middle Belt. 
For those who may have doubted yesterday’s response from ICC, we can confirm it’s authenticity and state that it did not originate from IPOB international legal team. This publication here is proof of that. We wholeheartedly welcome this development. 
The communication from ICC is a direct response to Mr Ahaoma Kanu’s petition to the body. Initial submissions by Goran and Bruce Fein is receiving similar attention as we speak which was reported a while back at the same time as communication on the Shiite case was issued. 
This our brother deserve our salute….

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