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Speed Darlington slams Davido, says he might be richer than him



Controversial US based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has taken a swipe on Nigerian pop star, Davido and according to him, the FIA crooner is not as rich as he claims to be and there is every possibility that he might be richer than Davido.Speed Darlignton, while trying to prove his point, refereed to a photo of Davido in a private jet en-route Senegal yesterday for the wrap up of his #30Billion Tour. Davido was on the jet with his crew members as well as his girlfriend, Chioma.

In Speed’s opinion, real billionaires don’t share a private jet with other people. He shared a photo of Davido in the jet and then pointing at the other passengers in the jet.

He wrote:

“This guy always announcing *30 Billion* for the account. But never mention naira. Slow people think his talking dollars which means his richer than TRUMP? Yeah right. Anyways, look at this picture you will see a white person there between the 2 red dots. Which means there are other passengers onboard too. Dose TRUE Billionaire share jet? No!”

Obviously he wasn’t aware that the OBO

was on tour and he was with his crew members.

He however got tongue-lashed by Davido’s fans who claim the superstar can buy his entire generation. And just for the attention he sought, he got a reply from Davido as well and he was advised by the singer to revive his dead career and that is even if he ever had one.

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Speed Darlington might be controversial, but he is one artiste that also has his fan base. he almost pushed his way into the Nigerian music scene last year with a hit song Bang Dada Dang.

He is also an artiste that has not forgotten his root despite his long sojourn in the United States.

A number of artists in diaspora are not quick to associate themselves with their roots, but Speedy is not one of them. From his throwback posts to mentions, the local traditional beads he wears with everything and the occasional use of his indigenous dialect, he is always alluding to his heritage and descent. 10 minutes on his social media page is enough for you to figure out he is an Igbo boy from Nigeria.

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