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Gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey gives marriage advice to single men



Gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey has a message for young men who are waiting for the perfect time to get married , the singer said there is no perfect time as seeking will only make one wait a very long time. Nathaniel Bassey also listed three important things a man needs to before he gets married.

Read his tweets below;

My dear brother, if you wait for that perfect condition to marry, you may wait a long time. Most important things are 1. You know it’s time. 2. You have met your God given wife to be. 3. You have a Job, a place to stay and begin life together. And Yes! It’s okay to start small.

Quit trying to wait for that perfect time with so much money to paint the town red on your wedding day. No matter how much and well you paint the town, people still won’t be satisfied. Plus At the end of the day, marriage is between YOU & YOUR WIFE.

You would be surprised that the key to that next level in your life is actually by taking the step of marriage. For He who finds a wife finds a good things and obtains Favour from the Lord.

If you find a good sister who is willing to begin life with you, and you have the things I listed, then take step of faith.

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Here’s my own story. I had a lot of prophetic words and promises spoken over my life. But I have since discovered that most began to manifest after I got married. Today I understand it was God keeping and protecting me. God bless you all.

Nathaniel Bassey is a Recording Artiste, trumpet player, singer/songwriter and music producer who was inspired years ago at a concert by Dr Panam Percy Paul at a concert. He is a passionate worshipper whose passion for music has grown and translated into various musical experiences

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