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Britain building New Prison Wing in Kirikiri to Transfer Nigerian Prisoners



The United Kingdom has revealed plans to build a new 112-bed wing in Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Lagos, to transfer Nigerian prisoners, according to a new report by Reuters.

The new wing reportedly costs about £700,000 and complies with the United Nations standard which makes it easier for Britain to transfer prisoners under an agreement signed with Nigeria in 2014.

Upon completion, eligible prisoners serving their sentences in Nigeria or Britain will be transferred back to their respective countries to complete their jail terms.

The new wing is a matter of necessity as Nigerian prisons are suffering from severe strain in population. The Port Harcourt prison especially, which was designed to hold 800 inmates, is currently bursting with close to 5,000, about 3,700 of which have been awaiting trail for close to 3 years.

British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson revealed that they have placed tenders and identified a supplier to conduct the building project at Kirikiri. The project will be funded from Britain’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, which has an annual budget of more than 1 billion pounds.

The British Government has however not disclosed the number of inmates that will be transferred upon completion of the prison wing