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#BBNaija: Khloe pens down motivational message to dark skinned women



Former Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Khloe has written a motivational piece to dark skinned ladies out there, especially the ones that don’t feel comfortable in their skin
According to Khloe, ladies should not be affected by the color of their skin. She implored them never to allow the tone of skin make them feel so unfit from within.

She went further to encourage them to be strong and not give any regard to the discrimination they face out there. As what people say about them does not determine who they are, but only what they feel about themselves.

‘Dark skinned ladies should consider themselves as idols who should serve as mentors for other young girls’ she explained

“From koko’s Desk to my QUEENs


It’s a damn shame.. These girls are so different yet they are the same.. A figment of imagination .. To draw a line in the divine pigment and foundation.. 2 Queens in the same race.. In the same race.. Can’t get along because of the tone on their face… Whatever the case I wish you all could get first place.. Don’t let the color of your skin have you unfit within…

I wish I could undraw that a line with the pen.. Of self hate that they handed us.. We didn’t wanna hate eachother they demanded us… These skin tones… They tore us apart from the field to the kitchen.. Enough of the bullshit & bitchin.. QUEENS PRAISE QUEENS!!!!!

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And that final.. Instead of making enemies.. Make yourself someone’s idol… Don’t let this world segregate a segregated being.. I’m dedicating this to you.. Every dark skinned & light skinned Queen… ONE LOVE… #kokoarmy#kokobykhloe#koko#bbnaija#2018#selflove”

The housemate who was disqualified alongside her partner, K-Brule is encouraging dark skinned women to love themselves and not let the world segregate them.

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