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4 Interesting Things That Happened On Day 32 At The BB Naija 2018 House



Day 32 at the BB Naija house had the housemates showing off their talents in art, dance and music. They were also some bonding moments between pairs and a little quarrel to make the day normal.
These are the interesting things that happened on 32 at the BB Naija house.

Ifu Ennada And Leo’s Budding Relationship

When Ifu Ennada and Leo (Lifu) were paired up during Big Brother’s last reshuffling, a new chemistry emerged, she was just getting to grips with the departure of her two best friends in the House – Princess and Bitto – and as soon as she got over the hard time, quickly found her feet in the Lifu universe.

Both are thinkers at the core, and have a healthy dose of respect for their pair, affinities that have helped them take to each other immediately. Leo and Ifu Ennada have proven to be exceptional strategists, despite not spending as much time as they would have liked together.

It would be an easy stretch to believe that Ifu Ennada has kept herself distant from Leo, but the girl was left with no other option for as adorable as Alex is, she has acted like a thorn in their pairing. There has been no tension between the two girls, it’s just that Alex – who is actually paired with Tobi – is forever glued to Leo which has left Ifu Ennada with no other choice than giving them space.

On his side, Leo hasn’t had an easy ride either: his friendship with Alex seemed to have evolved into much more than he perhaps anticipated, which to his liking is taking most of his attention. Yet Leo is to be commended for demonstrating an incredible restraint whenever Alex is all over him.

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Because they understand each other without needing much talk, Lifu are most often engaged in advising other Housemates, and they are pretty good at it. Just like Rico Swavey, it seemed that not having found an object of affection in the House has particularly helped Ifu Ennada. One wonders what kind of pair these two would make, regardless of the fact that she did admit having a crush for Teddy A.

The Loto Motto

Previously paired with Lolu under the ‘Loto’ nickname, while Anto kept herself together, it is Lolu who seemed to suffer the most from being reshuffled and stuck with Cee CC of all Housemates. Therefore it came as no surprise that he was the one who initiated a kiss with Anto, but she kept all her cool, and never flinched. Given how Anto and Miracle have taken up to each other, how well they are rolling together and how synched their Roc Da Mat moves are, one cannot help but agree that Big Brother’s reshuffle undeniably sparked things up in the Double Wahala House.

Ifu Ennada And Rico Swavey Argue

Yesterday it was pairs Cee C and Lolu that were at each other’s throats but today it seems like it is pair wars as Bamco (Bambam and Rico Swavey) argue it out with Lifu (Leo and Ifu Ennada), well one part of the pair. Rico Swavey and Ifu got into a quarrel with each other over the challenge and the rules surrounding it. Rico had moved Ifu Ennada’s hat from the strategic place she put it close to a dance mat which got Ifu Ennada mad and made her lash out, not giving Rico any chance to defend himself.

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The Art And Cultural Presentation

This week’s theme was “Art and Music” and the Housemates were required to put on a presentation that embodied and represented this based on Nigerian culture. It is no secret that the Housemates have been a bit reckless in the past with their Tasks but tonight they really stole the show. It contained everything from theatre and music to dance and art, all in a unique and significant Nigerian manner, their performance made you proud to be African.

Even though everyone did their best and it all came together really well in the end, there were some Housemates that really outdid themselves. Nina and Teddy A were the undisputable stars of the show with their presentation of music. Performing songs in English and Pidgin, Nina was a mesmerising African Goddess and Teddy A held you captive with his presence and beautiful voice. Angel and Ahneeka were an absolute vision in their jungle themed outfits and even though their presentation was shot and sweet, it was one to remember.
The Housemates may of won their Wager but Big Brother was still firm in his verdict that he was not entirely impressed with their behaviour this week. Big Brother also made it known that next week will also be a full 100% Wager for the Housemates so they better not drop the ball.