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The Breakup, The Makeup, Champions And More Highlights From Day 28 In The BB Naija House



Day 28 in the BB Naija 2018 house was all about being true to feelings both known and unknown, surprise winners, friend zoning and battle of the old and new.
These are the most interesting things that happened on day 28 in the BB Naija House.

How To Lose A Girl

Leolex (Leo and Alex) first breakdown hit all like a brick of ton. No one in the House saw the lightning speed blow that Leo inflicted upon Alex. It all started out very casually, when Big Brother paired the discreet Leo with the bubbly Alex during the first week. Despite radically different personalities, Leo being the hands-off guy and Alex being of the life of the party kind of a girl, these two had found their own ways to perfectly blend in. They seemed to have their own silent language: just one look was enough for one to understand another. Unlike other pairs in the house, Leolex looked like a solid combination of camaraderie, care and consistency.

Earlier in the day, Leo had been the first to confess that he knew Alex had a soft spot for him, and that she liked him a lot. At the time he called Alex too young and fragile for him to toy with. Yet despite being unpaired and having formed new partnerships, whenever Alex was in need, like when she was tending to the twin dolls, Leo flew to her rescue within a split second. She didn’t have to utter a word for him to sense what she was going through.

Alex on another hand has always been herself, never trying to play any game on anyone. No one in the house is immune to her hugs, which may explain why she has been criticised for having no concept of private space. In Leo, Alex found a confidante, a friend with whom to laugh and cry. They walked the same stride, shared the same food and same bed. It was inevitable that these two were bound to lock lips, like they did. At bedtime, Alex straddled Leo and started caressing his face, before pulling the duvet as they engaged in a long deep kiss away from prying eyes. Well their activity caught Ifu Ennada’s attentions who cheekily pulled the duvet off them.

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Out of the blue, Leo later told Alex that girls are not real, and that he was displeased with her behaviour, which made Alex burst into tears. After all he had returned her kiss, and Alex was hurt and crying so much that even Cee C came close to comfort her. What’s more unusual was to hear Cee C who only talks about herself give her a piece of advice. Still Leo said he didn’t mind sharing a bed with Alex.

Team Tena

Another highlight to the week was the Nomination twist. Instead of the normal ‘choose who leaves’ drill, Big Brother had the Housemates vote for their favourite pairs and surprisingly or not, Tena (Teddy A and Nina) came out as the average faves with 4 votes. It’s quite difficult to say whether the pair owes this result to Teddy A’s charms or Nina’s softness; go figure. This turn of events seems to be the universe’s way of patting Tena on the shoulder for their good deeds and is an undeniable game changer.

As reward for their meritorious existence in the House, Tena has bagged themselves relief coated immunity amongst other things. This means there is no getting rid of them for another week. The looks on their faces after Biggies announced that they’d be excused from the HoH qualifiers gave them away so much so that e could smell their fear through the TV screens. To add joy to an already overflowing cup, Big Brother mentioned that Tena was allowed to Nominate other Housemates but could not be nominated.
The Head Of House Challenge

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Big Brother’s new tradition of hosting HoH qualifiers before the main event and after tense Eviction ceremonies sure has the Housemates both excited and terrified at the same time. Tonight was no different. Carried by their anxiety, the pairs drifted along and prepared themselves for the qualifiers. Big Brother brought up his inner softie and had the Housemates treasure hunt, or should we say feather hunt. The challenge entailed digging through a bucket filled with white feathers to find the one yellow painted feather and deposit it into a basket across the arena floor. With Tena (Teddy A and Nina) out of the way, the rest of the pairs were ready to bring it.

It looks like Mito (Miracle and Anto) have no faults according to the stars. After three consecutive victories, first as HoH, bagging the Wager and thirdly, swimming while other sank during the Friday Night Games, Miracle’s lucky star seems to be outshining those of others and to complete the puzzle, Anto followed the blazing winner’s trail and qualified for the HoH challenge.