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I won’t stop crushing on Kcee till he comes to pay my bride price – Bobrisky



Popular Nigerian cross-dresser and lightening cream expert, Bobrisky has been publicly professing his love for Nigerian pop star, Kcee in recent weeks.

Kcee is married with kids. He continued again with a series of posts on Snapchat saying he won’t stop crushing on the singer till he comes to pay his bride price.

Last week, Bobrisky, who is known to always profess his love for Wizkid and Davido shifted his attention to the 5 Star artiste KCee.

The controversial SnapChat king took the app to share his admiration for KCee. He even mentioned that he is working on his body shape for KCee .

In his post, Bobrisky wrote;

“Kcee i get madt shape waiting for you. And i’m enhanncing more.

Abeg Kcee get girlfriend? I want to apply as his new chick. Y am i just noticing him?”…

It all looks as if the ladies will be falling for this Kcee’s new hairstyle since Bobrisky prefers to be considered a lady, so he might understand what the ladies actually seek in a guy. Kcee has been here for a while, one will wonder why it is this moment that Bobrisky notices that he is handsome or cool to have him as a bae.

From his post, it could be deduced that he does all these for recognition. There is never a time that Kcee has come out to say he is into the guy and Bobrisky himself has never directly come out to confirm he is gay. So one might be left to wonder how he intends to be another guy’s bae as a man.

Bobrisky also came on the internet to rant about how he was sexually harassed by another man at a mall a few weeks ago. According to him, the man pretended as if he needed his assistance knowing fully well that he is a compassionate human being.

It was while he was trying to help the dying man that he got the shock of his life as the man allegedly told him he would arrange with some other men and have sexual intercourse with Bobrisky until life is taken out of him.

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