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5 reasons why your girlfriend is emotionally distant



If your girlfriend or wife suddenly begins to withdraw or put an emotional distance between you and her, best believe that there’s a VERY high chance that she has a reason for doing so and that reason has something to do with you.

Many men like to believe that whenever their girlfriend or wife clamps up and becomes emotionally distant, it is nothing but a manifestation of her ‘feminine nature.’

It’s not uncommon to hear men in these instances resort to statements like “she’s just being a woman.”

And statements like this draw from the propagation of social ideas that project all women as emotionally volatile, unstable and unpredictable.

But that is not totally true. Your girlfriend is not acting out of some mythical feminine craziness. Her emotional distance could have been caused by you in the following 5 ways:

1. You aren’t supportive

Supporting her in her career doesn’t just mean asking how her day was and remaining silent until she’s done talking. It means engaging. If your girl truly loves you, she’d want to be part of your career growth and she’s expect the same from you. If she senses she’s not getting this, it could trigger her retreat-into-your-shell mood.

2. You don’t let her in on your personal problems

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Doing this gives your girlfriend a vibe of being untrusted. When a woman cares about a man, she wants to feel trusted with his most intimate worries and issues. She wants to bear some of his burdens and be his resting place.

Women legit feel useless if you deny them the opportunity to do this and one way to let you know something is wrong is to mummy you and be part of this process.
3. You are insensitive

When your partner is down or goes through an emotional downtime, stop making the mistake of dismissing it with a wave of hand and that ignorantly thrown-around statement: “she’s just being a woman.”

If you are still about this kind of life, then you really should stop wondering why your woman builds up a wall between you and her ever so often.

4. You don’t listen

If you’re not a good listener, then, as a man, you’ve not got much to offer a woman in a relationship.

When a woman can tell you don’t listen, what’s the point of still talking to you? And refusing to speak with you is the first sign of emotional shut down.

5. You dismiss her ideas

When she tries to be involved in conversations about your work and life, you clearly dismiss her ideas. You take advice and input from your friends and family, but not from her.

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