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24-yr-old man who was declared dead resurrects while being lowered into coffin



A Peruvian man was reportedly nearly buried alive after undertakers found that the person they just put in a coffin was still breathing.

Franklin Mandujano Doroteo was mistakenly pronounced dead by doctors at of the Contingency Hospital of Tingo Maria in Huanuco, central Peru.

The 24-year-old was in fact merely heavily sedated, according to local media.

It is not known in what state Mr Doroteo was when doctors pronounced him dead, but it is alleged that he had been given a sedative after suffering a fever following dental work.

He was then allegedly brought to an undertaker where his body was prepared for burial.

But as he was lifted into a coffin before being interred, one of the workers is said to have realised he was still breathing.

Mr Doroteo was rushed to hospital but unfortunately he was then allegedly pronounced dead soon after arriving.

Now, local news claims Mr Doroteo’s family are seeking justice for their loved one.

It is not known whether the police are investigating the doctors for negligence or not.

It is also not known whether the mistaken proclamation led to his eventual death, as treatment was therefore not given.(DailyMail)

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