MaxGo Power Byke Transportation Business Review

Review for MaxGo.
I’m writing this review for future investors not to make a similar mistake.

MaxGo is a transport business like Uber, but they operate with Power bike. They seem so good from what you have read and watched online, but for me, they are NOT Organised yet ( They may improve in future).

I started with 1 Bike, I have regretted my actions and investment with them, here are my reasons

1. Poor Communications: They don’t reply emails or give investors proper report/feedback
2. Transparency: Their business model is not transparent enough to enable investor/partner track their money/investment
3. You are liable for managing your asset with them (Does not make sense to me)
4. Deals in business processes ( Time is Money for me)
5. Staff Actitidue is very Poor

I have pulled my asset back and I hope you think twice before investing with MaxGo, as of now their business model needs adjustment, I believe in their dreams but am not willing to risk it again, my asset even depreciates faster in their custody because of their “I don’t care attitude”.


– Ferdicon Mary

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