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Spain Finds African Migrants In Funfair Lorries



The Spanish police have detained about 19 North African migrants who were hiding in fairground lorries while trying to flee to the main city of Spain.

Police with thermal imaging equipment and sniffer dogs recently discovered them among bumper cars and a ghost train, waiting to board a ferry to mainland Spain from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

Spanish media reports say nine children were among those discovered and most of the migrants were Moroccans, while others were Algerians. 

Police also revealed that they clashed with about 1,000 migrants at the Ceuta-Morocco border, as most of them where trying to flee away from country due to poverty and violence in sub-Saharan Africa  

Ceuta and Melilla are both small Spanish territories in North Africa, where fleeing migrants always apply in the hope of reaching Spain.

The discovery came two days after 187 migrants out of a crowd of about 300 managed to get into Ceuta.