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South African Lady Who Escaped Violent Boyfriend Found Dead



A 26-year-old South African lady, Aviwe Jam Jam who was reported missing at Mfuleni police station has been found dead in Athlone, Cape Town. It is believed that Jam Jam was allegedly assaulted and beaten to death by her boyfriend.

Aviwe Jam Jam in July had made an attempt to escape her abusive boyfriend by leaving the township. Her body was identified by her family on Tuesday after being found on 29 July at the Vygieskraal Stadium, Athlone.

The victim’s boyfriend was arrested in connection with “several other cases” and is being investigated in connection with her murder. Aviwe’s aunt Nondumiso Zizi spoke with newsmen and said that Aviwe had been with the boyfriend for “several years ” and they shared a 2-year-old child.

Nondumiso Zizi went further to say:

“Aviwe was in an abusive relationship with this boyfriend. Aviwe’s mother tried to warn Aviwe of this, but she wouldn’t listen. She loved [her] boyfriend, so there was nothing we could do about it.”

She also said the boyfriend once came to the family home looking for Aviwe and attacked her stepfather with a panga as he thought the family was hiding her.

Zizi said “he came with a group of friends and attacked the stepfather with a panga resulting in him getting 12 stitches”. He was later arrested.

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