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Princess Diana “Wore Racy Underwear To Lure Charles Back From Camilla” But He “Shattered Her With Three Words”



A new account of an explosive night between Diana and Camilla has been published as the 20th Anniversary of the death of Princess Diana draws near.

It’s no news that Princess Diana felt she constantly had to battle for her husband’s attention with his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, who Diana referred to as the “third person in her relationship”. 

One account written by Richard Kay, who apparently “knew Diana best”, and his colleague Geoffrey Levy shares the full details of her bitter rivalry with Camilla, who was married to Andrew Parker Bowles at the time of her affair with Prince Charles. It describes how Diana came up with a cunning plan to lure her husband back away from his mistress Camilla, who is now married to Prince Charles. Unfortunately Princess Diana’s plan spectacularly backfired.

One evening in 1989 when Camilla’s sister, Annabel Elliot, was hosting her 40th birthday party, Diana, who had been invited to the party, shocked Camilla by accepting on the day of the party. Staff reportedly heard Camilla shouting: “Why did that f****** b**** have to come?” when she heard the news.

At this time, Charles had allegedly rekindled his romance with old flame Camilla while Diana had sought comfort in the arms of James Hewitt. Charles and Diana were said to already be sleeping in separate beds and the passion had died out in their romance. So Diana decided to do something to restore the passion. 

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Diana had visited Harrod’s lingerie department and picked a very seductive lingerie, hoping to wow Charles both with her dress and her underwear. But Diana told a confidante the following day that while she was admiring her reflection in the mirror, her husband happened to look into the room and uttered three words that “shattered her”.

“You look ridiculous,” he said. 

According to Kay and Levy, this was “the night Diana was forced to realise that her marriage had died”.

It was in that same year Annabel Elliot had her 40th birthday party that Charles made the romantic phone call to Camila which was recorded by a scanner user. The transcript of the infamous ‘Camillagate’ tapes (aka tampongate) was later published, and according to Ken Wharfe, Diana’s bodyguard at the time, the Princess said she had been genuinely shocked by some of the baser comments, in particular Prince Charle’s tampon reference.

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