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Philippe Coutinho’s Liverpool Future Is “Set In Stone” – Until Jurgen Klopp decides The Time Is Right To Sell



Jurgen Klopp has told Barcelona that Philippe Coutinho long term future at Anfield is “set in stone”.

The German manager has sent out a message that makes it clear the Liverpool star will find it difficult to force a move this summer – even if he puts in a transfer request.

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Many fans fear the worst after Barca submitted a second bid for the midfielder, which valued him at £72m down, plus add ons which could ultimately take the final fee beyond £90m – spread over a five-year period of payments.

Klopp though, insisted that was not enough – and that no amount of money will be enough, because Liverpool do not have to sell.

“Liverpool is not a club that has to sell players. That is set in stone. So what they pay in the end doesn’t matter,” he said in an interview with Sky Sports Germany.

“From a financial standpoint, there is no price limit to let him go. No price at which we are ready to give in.

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“Our goal is to have the best possible team. So we want to keep our guys and add new ones. That is our plan.”