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Kemi Olunloyo Declares Intention to Run for Nigeria’s Presidency, Calls Herself an Internet Terrorist



Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo took to Instagram today to reveal that contrary to reports , she has not repented neither is she born again. The Journalist who called herself an internet terrorist, wrote;

“Happy Sunday from the #InternetTerrorist aka #MadamPresident2

I have a special day in store for you. First of all let us pray.

My husband is Jesus. He found me at #PHMax. I am NOT born again or repented. I was born once and value my life. Stop using these moronic words. Ask God for what you want and you shall receive. Some fools will even tell me I don’t believe in God because I hate mega pastors. I never believed in the bible.

Thanks to the churches and imams who visited us at #PHMax. I love my bible and koran. I may even open my own #Chrislamhouse of worship soon.

WILL YOU WORSHIP WITH #prophetesskoo? I can see the future.

Don’t forget to follow my pals @[email protected]@thes Monday 7/24/17)”

She also declared her intention to run for Nigeria’s presidency, while creating an online poll of the political party to join;