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First picture of Female Teacher, 28, Who Downed Wine Before Having Sex With Pupil In Plane Toilet



This is the female teacher who had oral and sexual intercourse with a pupil in an aeroplane toilet as police reveal they are now investigating.

Eleanor Wilson, 28, was allegedly blackmailed by another student who threatened to expose the pair unless they got to have sex with the educator too.

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The Physics teacher tried to hide the liaison during a school trip despite being questioned by her school.

It only came to light after the second pupil apparently threatened to expose the pair unless the teacher “engaged in sexual conduct” with him.

Because there was no corroborating evidence, no action was taken at that time.

But it came to light again in March 2016, when another student, Pupil C, said he would inform the school and police unless she “engaged in sexual conduct” with him.

Those were reported to the police.